Look to Corona Group for Modular Wall Panel Inserts designed to enhance your Modular Wall Installations. Available in custom sizes of CPS Porcelain Enamel Steel Markerboard/Chalkboard panels and three types of Glassboard Panels, Basic, Classic or Satin. plus Acousticor Felt Panels.

Our Modular Wall inserts provide a broad range of options and flexibility to meet any design and functional needs.

CPS Porcelain Enameled Steel

The Porcelain Enamel Boards (as pictured) are 3’ 7” wide by 5’ 5/8” high panels. All hardware is concealed and with our spline joint, these inserts create a virtually seamless writing surface across the entire modular wall. The surface is easy to write on and easy to read. They retain magnets and are impact resistant and scratch proof ensuring maximum durability. And custom sizes are available.


The Glassboards (as pictured) are 3’ 7” wide by 5’ 5/8” high panels with concealed hardware. They can be magnetic or non-magnetic. Glassboard Panels are available in three glass styles: Basic (green tint), Classic (Starphire-pure white) or Satin (Starphire, non-glare). And as with all Corona Group Glassboards, all are available in almost any color, and custom graphics are also applicable. Custom sizes are available.

Magnetic Glass Note (click to open/close)
This magnetic glassboard product requires very strong magnets. Although small, these nickel and rubber encased rare earth magnets should be handled with care. Magnets should not be stored near electronic equipment. Persons with a pacemaker should maintain a safe distance from these magnets. Children under the age of 6 and any child that puts objects in its mouth should not be allowed to handle these or any other magnets.
Glassboard Color Standards (click to open/close)
The question is always: "what are your Standard Glassboard Colors?" The answer— what color do you have in mind? Because other than a few high-opacity colors, almost any color you can imagine is considered a "Standard." That means no upcharge, no additional costs for the color you need to make your project complete. So if you imagine a color or have a unique color you need to match, most likely it will be a Standard Color. For more information or to determine that your color request is indeed a Standard color, contact us via email-info@coronagroupinc.com or give us a call and we'll confirm your color.
ACOUSTICOR Info (click to open/close)
• 100% polyester fiber acoustic felt consisting of 60% recycled PET material
and 40% virgin material
• ASTM E84 A Rating permanently achieved by impregnating virgin material into the panel.
• thickness: 9mm (3/8”)
• 20 available colors

Note: White or Ivory finishes have limited availability based on the application. For more information contact us via email-info@coronagroupinc.com or give us a call.