Decorative Glass
Colors. Textures. Unique Solutions.

Corona Group offers a wide array of decorative glass suitable for just about any environment.

Available in 21 standard colors, 15 standard transparent colors, 11 tinted mirror colors and 2 dichroic colors. We also offer custom colors at standard color pricing, so if you imagine a color or have a unique color you need to match, most likely it will be a Standard Color. For more information or to determine that your color request is indeed a Standard color, contact us via or give us a call and we'll confirm your color. .

Our Decorative Glass also comes in 10 different metal mesh options, 7 textured glass options*, 5 wood grain designs,
4 different etched glass designs, 4 rice paper versions, 2 stone images and 56 printed patterns.

To see our list of Standard Colors take a look at the Glass-Colors Product Fact Sheet PDF

For Textures and other Decorative Glass options, take a look at the Glass-Textures Product Fact Sheet PDF

*check for availability