Product Information

VISUAL Products Fact Sheet PDFs (click to open/close)
1. Acousticor Fact Sheet PDF
2. Care & Maintenance Fact Sheet PDF
3. CPS Porcelain Product Info Fact Sheet PDF
4. Divider Systems-Intersection Leave Behind Digital Format PDF
5. Divider Systems-VIP+ Leave Behind Digital Format PDF
6. elements Series Glass Wallboards Fact Sheet PDF
7. elements Series Mobile Glass Board Fact Sheet
8. elements Series Mobile Porcelain Board Fact Sheet PDF
9. elements Series Mobile Tri-Leg Divider Fact Sheet PDF
10. elements Series Porcelain Wallboard Fact Sheet PDF
11. Frameless Glassboards Product Fact Sheet PDF
12. Frameless Glassboards-Healthcare Product Fact Sheet PDF
13. Frameless Satin Glassboard Fact Sheet PDF
14. Glass Board Accessory Fact Sheet PDF
15. Glass Media Walls Fact Sheet PDF
16. Glass Porcelain Comparison Fact Sheet
17. Glass Products Leave Behind Digital Format PDF
18. Individual Accessories Fact Sheet PDF
19. Intersection Divider System Fact Sheet PDF
20. Intersection Media+ Fact Sheet PDF
21. Intersection Message Center Fact Sheet PDF
22. Intersection Merge Rail Fact Sheet PDF
23. Intersection Slide Fact Sheet PDF
24. Intersection Space Fact Sheet PDF
25. Intersection Stack Fact Sheet PDF
26. Intersection Weave Fact Sheet PDF
27. Merge Frameless Markerboard Fact Sheet PDF
28. Merge Rail Fact Sheet PDF
29. Merge Rail Frameless Glass Media Wall Fact Sheet PDF
30. Modular Wall Inserts Fact Sheet PDF
31. Notice Board Fact Sheet PDF
32. On The Floor Products Digital PDF
33. On The Wall Products Digital PDF
34. Porcelain Boards Accessory Packs Fact Sheet PDF
35. Porcelain Media Wall Fact Sheet PDF
36. Porcelain Products Leave Behind Digital Format PDF
37. ULTRA Glass Fact Sheet PDF
38. Unique Solutions Fact Sheet PDF
39. Universal Penshelf Fact Sheet PDF
40. VIP Chalk Board Fact Sheet PDF
41. VIP Combiboard Product Fact Sheet PDF
42. VIP Component Boards Product Fact Sheet PDF
43. VIP Framed Glassboard Fact Sheet PDF
44. VIP Markerboard Product Fact Sheet PDF
45. VIP Mobile Markerboard Product Fact Sheet PDF
46. VIP Mobile Magnetic Glassboard Product Fact Sheet PDF
47. VIP Rail System Product Fact Sheet PDF
48. VIP+ Patient-Room_Door Product Fact Sheet PDF
49. VIP+ On the Floor Product Fact Sheet PDF
50. VIP+ On the Wall Product Fact Sheet PDF
51. Visual Products Presentation Drawings PDF
52. Wall Applied Film Comparison Fact Sheet PDF

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Assembly & Mounting Instructions (click to open/close)
1. elements Series Mobile Board Assembly Instructions PDF
2. elements Series Framing Instructions PDF
3. elements Series Tri-Leg Mobile Board Mounting Instructions PDF
4. elements Series WallBoard Mounting Instructions PDF
5. Frameless Glass Boards Mounting Instructions PDF
6. Intersection Fixed Panel Ceiling Grid Mounting Instructions PDF
7. Intersection Fixed Panel Drywall Ceiling Mounting Instructions PDF
8. Intersection Slide Top-Hung_Mounting Mounting Instructions PDF
9. Intersection Stack Top Hung Mounting Instructions PDF
10. MERGE/MERGE SPLINE Frameless Markerboard Mounting Instructions PDF
11. MERGE-RAIL 2 &3 RAIL Mounting Instructions.pdfF
12. Mobile Screen/Transport Cart Assembly Instructions PDF
13. Universal Penshelf Mounting Instructions PDF
14. VIP Component Board Assembly Instructions PDF
15. VIP Component-Flip Chart Board Assembly Instructions PDF
16. VIP Framed Boards Mounting Instructions PDF
17. VIP Media Wall Mounting Instructions PDF
18. VIP Mobile Boards Assembly Instructions PDF
19. VIP Rail Only Mounting Instructions PDF
20. VIP+ Sliding Wall Mounting Instructions PDF
21. VIP+ Sliding Panel System-Top Hung w/Floor Track Mounting Instructions PDF
22. VIP+ Sliding Panel System-Bottom Rolling Installation Instructions PDF

1. coronaDESKING iMove-C (Pneumatic-H1_H2) Assembly Instructions PDF
2. coronaDESKING iMove-C (Motorized-M1_M2) Assembly Instructions PDF
1. coronaDESKING iMove-F (Pneumatic-H2) Assembly Instructions PDF
2. coronaDESKING iMove-F (Motorized-M1_M2) Assembly Instructions PDF
3. coronaDESKING GO2 Workcenter Assembly Manual PDF
4. coronaDESKING Corner Workcenter Assembly Manual PDF